The Fibonacci Forecast utilizes a proprietary method developed by Alla Peters in 2008. Alla was fascinated by the collapse in 2008 and devoted her time to developing her own Fibonacci method with a focus on trend inception and trend reversal levels – independent of earnings or any other news events.

Fibonacci Forecast simplifies price action into an indicator-free Fibonacci technique which methodically identifies highly accurate long-term trend inception and trend reversal levels. This is the means by which the method notes market turning points long before fundamental or traditional technical analysis is capable of doing so.

The usefulness of the Fibonacci Forecast in predictive qualities that identify trend reversals in advance. The accuracy of Fibonacci Forecast method is what has attracted institutional following the proprietary method.  Many of the method’s controversial and public contrarian calls have proven to be highly accurate.

Unlike traditional technical analysis, the proprietary Fibonacci Forecast is designed to work with traditional fund management to identify key entry and exit strategies as an adjunct to regular, key fundamental analyses.

These proprietary Fibonacci Reversal zones are specifically designed to increase ROI and decrease the noise surrounding the increasingly unreliable fundamental signals coming from the expanding media-driven influences in today’s confounding investment marketplace.


Note: This service is not available to individual investors.

“Valeant collapse has just begun, consider selling every rally”, Alla Peters, Nov 9th, 2015