“Fibonacci natural predictive qualities are more accurate than fundamentals, news or indicators. ” – Alla Peters

Fibonacci Forecast is a consulting and research firm which specializes in providing Predictive Proprietary Fibonacci analysis on existing or potential investments. Fibonacci Forecast is offered as an analytical service to hedge funds, pension, endowment funds, mutual funds, RIA’s, family offices, and financial institutions.

  • In addition to and independent of  fundamentals.
  • Fibonacci Forecast identifies turning points of any instrument in advance of earnings or news events.
  • The method applies to all markets.
  • This is not a software.

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Note: This service is not available to individual investors.

“Apple will collapse when it will reach Fibonacci Reversal Zone at 230 level.”, Alla Peters, Oct. 2017
– Apple collapsed a year later from Fibonacci Reversal Zone at 230 level despite excellent earnings.