“The Predictive Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci System Identifies Institutional Rallies and Crashes in Advance and Independent of Earnings and News Events Across All Instruments in All Market Conditions”
Alla Peters-Plocher, Developer of the Predictive Alpha Fibonacci System

Fibonacci Forecast is a quantitative research firm which specializes in providing a Predictive Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci research and analysis on existing and potential investments prior to news and earnings across all instruments, stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto, FX and ETF’s since 2011 in US and Globally. Predictive Alpha Fibonacci Forecast is offered as a quantitative research service to hedge funds, pension, endowment funds, mutual funds, RIA’s, family offices, and financial institutions.

  • In addition to and independent of fundamentals.
  • Prior to news and earnings.
  • Independent of noise and hype.
  • Fibonacci Forecast identifies institutional crashes and rallies in advance.
  • Utilizing a Proprietary Predictive Quantitative Alpha Fibonacci System.
  • This is not a software.

In recent markets:
Fibonacci Forecast identified institutional rallies across multiple instruments in 2020 despite covid crisis, bonds sell off 2020, Amazon, Appl, TSLA sell offs and rallies 2022 prior to earnings, crypto crash 2022 despite hype, oil rally 2020, Euro and Pound sell off 2022 and 2023 rally across multiple stocks. Which can be reviewed via screen sharing.

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Note: This service is not available to individual investors.